Trivia Challenge Referral & Coupon

📈 Powerful spread of campaign to enlarge audience base - On average, 45.76% of participants share the promotion without a prompt and 99.31% of participants do so if the contest/promotion awards them for it. 94.46% of those who do share the contest/promotion do so right after participating thus aiding the spread of the campaign

💰 Lower CPA - despite contests require you to offer a free prize, they can be executed at a fairly low cost and offer great value such as bringing exposure to your brand and raising your value in the eyes of your (potential) customers for just the cost of the prize and a minimal time investment from your team.

👥 Quality research on audience base - collect valuable information on your target audience at scale to learn more about your customer base. You can ask qualitative questions about consumers’ habits and interests which you can later leverage in the creation of personalized marketing and outreach strategies. Customers are far more willing to answer questions and share information when a prize is involved