O2O Selfie Contest

Get the most out of these latest technological tools by running a selfie contest and giving users the chance to compete for a fantastic prize.

WhatsApp has proved to be a wizard's wand for these businesses in promoting their products and services with less investment and higher returns. Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp – has given users the means through which to distribute images and videos quickly, casually, and regularly. Many companies are already adopting WhatsApp for selfie contests.

Here's an idea inspired by Sunfeast Marie Light's Selfie to Win TV WhatsApp campaign:

The Challenge

ITC which is India's biggest company with a large number of brands. One of their well-known brand, Sunfeast Marie Light, is a medium-range biscuit segment. They want to do some creative campaign to boost the sales of this biscuit in India.

The Idea

To achieve the target they have printed the advertisement on biscuit wrapper itself. With that said, they reach every consumer who sees this new wrapper on shop, stores, or malls. They advertise like the user has to purchase the biscuit, send the selfie with biscuit to brand's WhatsApp number to win the 42 Inch LED TV. Check this video how they promoted:

The Results

ITC get the serious boost on their sales for Sunfeast Marie Light biscuit after this campaign though there aren't any specific numbers declared from the ITC. But again you can imagine the creativity of the marketers how they can change the game by using WhatsApp as a marketing channel.